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Neets Control - QueBec II

Automatic plug and play AV control


Neets Control – QueBec II provides automatic control over your presentations. QueBec II switches automatically between HDMI / VGA signal. Latest signal connected to QueBec II is displayed.

No remotes, no buttons and no touch screens. QueBec II is perfect for classrooms and small meeting rooms. Plug in and present – It’s that easy

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  • Automatic AV control system
    The world’s most simple and compact AV control system – turn presentations into plug and play
  • Automatic priority switching
    Works with HDMI and VGA. Latest signal connected to QueBec is active
  • 1 Uni-directional RS-232 or 1 IR port
    Used for sending commands to projectors or other AV devices using serial or infrared communication
  • 3 General Purpose I/O ports
    Used for input/output control of relays, switches and sensors
  • Fast installation
    With Euroblock connectors installation is fast and efficient
  • Included
    Configuration through our free and no-license software: Neets Project Designer
Technical Specifications
Power input:
Input voltage 12 VDC
Power usage 1 W
Connector 2 pin screw block

Power adaptor (included):
Input voltage 100 VAC - 240 VAC
Line frequency 50 Hz – 60 Hz
Max power usage 8 W

HDMI Loop through w. signal sensing:
Signal channel HDMI loop through
Signal sensing type 5 VDC Hot plug signal
Specification HDMI 1.4
Connector HDMI Type A

VGA Loop through w. signal sensing:
Signal channel VGA loop through
Signal sensing Horizontal sync signal
Specification QWXGA – 2048x1152
Connector DSUB DE-15

RS-232/ IR:
Ports 1 x transmitter
Baud rate 1200 – 115200 bit/ sec
Data bits 7,8
Parity Even, Odd, None
Stop bits 1,2
IR transmit frequency 400 Hz to 500 KHz
Connector 2 pin screw block

Input/ output:
Ports 3 x I/O
Input trigger low < 1 VDC
Input trigger high > 4 VDC
Output type Open drain
Isolated output No
Max voltage load 24 VDC
Max current 0,5 A
Connector 4 pin screw

Included in box:
12 V PSU (110- 230V AC)
Phoenix connectors

Width: 70 mm
Height: 125 mm
Depth: 25 mm

Width: 2,75 inches
Height: 4,95 inches
Depth: 0,98 inches

100 g/ 3,52 oz

Shipping dimensions:
Width: 150 mm/ 5,90 inches
Height: 170 mm/ 6,69 inches
Depth: 55 mm/ 2,16 inches

Shipping weight:
280 g

Storage temperature:
-20 °C to 50 °C

Storage moisture:
Non condensing

Operation temperature:
0 °C to 30 °C

Operation moisture:
Non condensing

Approval: CE, FCC (part 15, class A)
IEC/ EN 61000-6-1
IEC/ EN 61000-6-2

Product item numbers:
Neets Control – QueBec II,
Neets Control – QueBec III


Neets Project Designer
Neets Project Designer
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Please remember to login for access to the latest release of Neets Project Designer. If you do not have a Neets account, please fill out the form "Get Accesss".


-Ver. 3.8.5 (02-09-2016)
  • RS232 connection to extension device: Serial Number is no longer required.
  • https://neetsweb is no longer available from LAN, only using USB RNDIS network.
  • Risk of RS232 connection errors with extension devices on startup.
  • AMP2:25: JSON parsing fails if commands has been removed.
  • AMP2:25: Auto power on/off on USB broken.
  • Control system as extension device does not work with DHCP enabled.
  • Reduced internal stack load when updating LED's (status message is delayed 100ms).
  • EcHo & EcHo Plus: Fixed clearing NEB error after reconnect of NEB keyboard.
+Ver. 3.8.4 (17-06-2016)
+Ver. 3.8.3 (03-06-2016)
+Ver. 3.8.2 (01-06-2016)
+Ver. 3.8.1 (10-05-2016)
+Ver. 3.8.0 (27-04-2016)
+Ver. 3.7.0 (11-01-2016)
+Ver. 3.6.7 (06-11-2015)
+Ver. 3.6.6 (02-11-2015)
+Ver. 3.6.5 (28-10-2015)
+Ver. 3.6.4 (13-10-2015)
+Ver. 3.6.3 (13-08-2015)
+Ver. 3.6.2 (29-06-2015)
+Ver. 3.6.1 (29-06-2015)
+Ver. 3.6.0 (21-05-2015)
+Ver. 3.5.2 (20-04-2015)
+Ver. 3.5.1 (25-03-2015)
+Ver. 3.5.0 (16-03-2015)
+Ver. 3.4.4 (04-02-2015)
+Ver. 3.4.3 (04-02-2015)
+Ver. 3.4.2 (26-01-2015)
+Ver. 3.4.1 (13-01-2015)
+Ver. 3.4.0 (15-12-2014)
+Ver. 3.3.2 (14-11-2014)
+Ver. 3.3.1 (04-11-2014)
+Ver. 3.2.4 (17-09-2014)
+Ver. 3.2.3 (02-09-2014)
+Ver. 3.2.2 (17-07-2014)
+Ver. 3.2.1 (27-06-2014)
+Ver. 3.2.0 (20-06-2014)
+Ver. 3.1.0 (27-02-2014)
+Ver. 3.0.2 (16-01-2014)
+Ver. 3.0.1 (10-12-2013)

Introduction and configuration of Neets QueBec

This video explains the functions of the QueBec II & III and shows you how easy it is to configure it.

See how Neets QueBec works!

Look how easy a presentation can be started with the Neets QueBec

  • Q: How does HDMI detection work?
    A: The Neets Control - QueBec reads a HDMI signal by monitoring the “Hotplug” pin in the HDMI cable.
    “Hotplug” pin high = Image
    “Hotplug” pin low = No image
  • Q: How does VGA detection work?
    A: The Neets Control - QueBec reads the VGA signal by monitoring the H sync pin in the VGA
  • Q: Which port has the highest priority?
    A: The port detecting the latest signal is active, so in case you need to reprioritize, you want to disconnect the cable and reconnect.
  • Q: Why does the QueBec never turn off the monitor when using an HDMI extender/switch?
    A: When using an HDMI extender or a switch, the extender or switch may alter the behavior of the “Hotplug” signal.

    The problem is often that the extender / switch keeps the “Hotplug” pin high at all times. The only way to eliminate this problem is to change the order of the equipment like this:

    Q: Why does the QueBec never turn off the monitor when using an HDMI extender/switch?
  • Q: Can I use an HDMI extender/switch in combination with the Neets Control - QueBec?
    A: Yes, as long as the HDMI extender or switch lets the “hotplug” signal through, it should be possible.
    (Ask your extender/switch supplier for more information)
  • Q: The QueBec does not detect a VGA signal. What is wrong?
    A: In order to work, the QueBec needs to detect a signal on the horizontal sync pin. The easiest way to make sure this is happening is to connect your source directly to your display which you then turn on to see if you get a picture.

    If you have a long cable between your PC and the QueBec, the voltage may drop below the level detectable by the QueBec. Try to move the QueBec closer to your PC and see if this solves your problem. The QueBec does not interfere with EIED communication.
  • Q: Which versions of the Neets Control - QueBec are available?
    A: The Neets Control QueBec is available in two versions:

    QueBec II – with 1 VGA port and 1 HDMI port
    QueBec III – with 2 HDMI ports