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Aditya Birla Group - Sharing a successful future using Clickshare

“All the treasures in the world are worthless if you have nobody to share them with,” said Ghansyam Das Birla, the legendary Indian businessman who founded the Aditya Birla Group 159 years ago. His wise words ring true to this day, when information is as good as gold and the ability to share it efficiently is crucial for business success.

Take the meeting rooms at the group’s headquarters in Mumbai, for example, where company strategies and actions are discussed on every level based on external and internal data. Or, how about the training rooms at Gyanodaya, where knowledge and expertise is passed on to ensure continuous improvement? Undertaking these activities under the best possible circumstances is not so much a luxury, but a necessity to moving forward.

Crossed wires

For a forward-thinking company like the Aditya Birla Group, it didn’t take long to come to this realization. “In the past, we used cables to share content on the meeting room screens,” said Vinay Morje, Head of IT at Aditya Birla’s Corporate Center. “This caused a lot of hassle, and incompatibility issues often resulted in technology-induced stress. We knew that we would eventually have to look for a better solution in order to improve collaboration at our site.”

Plug into sharing

When the time came to refurbish the company board room, Morje saw his chance to root for an improved, wireless presentation system that could also be used in other meeting and training rooms. “I was first introduced to ClickShare at the Barco Noida office,” he explained. “The ease by which Barco employees could just plug in and share content on the screen immediately convinced me that this was the system we had been looking for.”

Everyone on board

Morje soon contacted technology integrator Godrej to handle the installation of the new ClickShare unit in the board room. Cosmos, another Barco-partner in India, took care of the installation in several training rooms. “When people first entered the new board room, they were amazed to find that all the cables weregone,” he explained. “Luckily, they got used to it pretty quickly. Now, ClickShare is used for all of the board meetings.”


Why Barco ClickShare?

  • Product quality and features
  • Brand reputation
  • Strong presence in India
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My colleagues got used to the system pretty quickly. Now, ClickShare is used for all of the board meetings