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Brave Soldiers of India

Podcasts on Brave Soldiers of India

"As part of our CSR initiative, we invite you to listen to the series of Podcasts on brave soldiers of India who have been awarded with various bravery awards. We hope, this will enable us to get an insight and will further provide right motivation to contribute to the progress of our country with our own efforts"

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Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an activity that enables companies to contribute positively to the society besides continuing with their commercial business activities. For larger companies with Turnover exceeding a certain limit / Net worth over a certain limit / Net profit over a certain limit, CSR is mandatory and a statutory obligation. However, for smaller companies CSR remains a voluntary activity.

Most corporate CSR initiatives strive to positively contribute to the public, the economy or the environment. As its CSR focus, Ceeco considers its responsibility to spread positivity around people by taking part in certain initiatives which are for the betterment of the society. As part of CSR, we are trying to be socially conscious on various platforms which will provide us with an opportunity to do our bit for the society.

By working on these programs, we will be able to develop new ideas or gain knowledge about undertaking social causes and contribute in society’s welfare. It will be our endeavour to voluntarily involve all members of Ceeco team in this effort so that they can collectively and individually become better citizens and contribute not only economically but socially too in India’s growth.

We at Ceeco fully subscribe to the saying that “what matters is the willingness to do something for the society and not the size of initiative”.