Why Micker- Pro is Perfect Wireless Microphone?

Keeping pace with ever changing technology, we at Ceeco Technologies Pvt. Ltd. have brought to you yet another little piece of marvel called Micker-PRO. This extraordinary wireless microphone will leave you amazed. You need to use it yourself to believe it. Whenever we need to use a microphone for a conference room, automatically images of an amplifier and speakers and a bundle of wires flash through our mind. But no more.

Why? Because Micker-PRO is a dynamic three-in-one device having a speaker and an amplifier built in it and without any wires it is totally wire free. Another hassle that  is normally faced is looking for electrical sockets to plug in the speaker and the amplifier which at times are placed at very inconvenient locations and then the wires crisscrossing  the floor but Micker-PRO does not require any electricity as it runs on a 1100 mAh Lithium ion battery that lasts for six to seven hours. The battery gets charged in about two and half hours. It can be used for long hours with automatic sleep mode.

This could be carried from anywhere to anywhere. A truly portable system weighing a mere 300 gms. And only 26 cm. long. What could be more convenient!!!  It is backed by solid technology of Korea and is CE certified to give you flawless performance. It gives stable quality of sound with no directional loss and has three level volume adjustment. It is even fitted with a howling suppression function. What is best is that multiple users can use it simultaneously without causing any kind of complication. It is beautifully designed with a comfortable grip. It comes with a pouch, a strap and a charging cradle. There could not be a device easier to operate than Micker-PRO. It is so user friendly that even a child can operate it with ease. It is perfectly suited for indoor as well as outdoor gatherings. It is a complete solution in itself.

Micker Pro


Micker pro is most suitable for:

Travel and Tourism                        In museums, historical places and tourist buses

Education Sector                             Tuition Centers, School/College Class Rooms, Kindergartens

Training Centers                              In indoor as well as outdoor training classes

NGOs                                                 Internal trainings, Street plays or shows

Corporate World                              Board rooms and Huddle rooms, Conference rooms and in seminars

Political World                                 Addressing gatherings

Personal                                           Outings and picnics, Musical parties, Bon fires

Sports                                               Track and field events

Religious Places                               Addressing congregations

Be a pro with Micker-PRO.

Best Meeting Room Planning System Ever

Ceeco Technologies in the past have introduced many innovative products like: Barco ClickShare, Neets AV Control System and Micker etc. We now bring to you yet another technological marvel- JOAN – a meeting room’s management system.

Joan Meeting Room Scheduler

JOAN is there to end all confusion about reserving meeting rooms and lets you organize and reserve rooms in a much better and desirable fashion. A totally wireless and reliable system that is economical, tenable and power efficient.

Joan Meeting Room Scheduler
It helps you in arranging and securing your meeting/huddle rooms. Using an interactive touch screen meeting rooms can be reserved distantly or on the spot. For an office that is busy and digitally advanced JOAN is an excellent choice.

With JOAN meeting rooms are booked with an absolute ease and in a very organized manner. See information instantly like location and name of the room, time and meeting name and room status shown in white (available) or black (in use).

Relax and let JOAN reserve your room. Select the room you want after messaging Joanbot to “book a room”. Joanbot will reserve it for 30 minutes. Meeting rooms can be booked well in advance by just adding the time and/or date. Let your guests get a cheerful welcome with JOAN’s robotic, customizable email communication. Send a note to guests about their forthcoming meeting, let them know how to reach the venue, who to contact or add a personal note. Set a serene ambiance for their arrival.

Organise meeting rooms with JOAN or book them through company calendar. It is in sync with Google (G Suite, GoogleClendar), iCalendar (ics), Exchange (Outlook) and Office 365 (Exchange on line).

Joan Scheduler easy to install

It is a device without any cords and can be attached to any hard but level surface with the help of Magnetic Mount that accompanies each unit. There are no wires required and no drilling needed. This helps in zero cost installation which is not only easy but also trouble free and with no concealed costs. It comes with two mounting options, Secure Wall Mount-6 inch and Standard VESA Mount. A surface that has been repainted several times might not be a good option to attach JOAN as the magnet might peel off the paint and JOAN may drop on the floor. It would be better to secure the magnet on to the wall with screws or fixing JOAN on another surface or the door. If that is not possible JOAN can be fixed on a different panel of plastic, glass, plexi glass or wood which can be screwed in to the wall.

Obtain statistics and reduce cost with JOAN’s Workplace Analytics:

Joan Scheduler easy to install

Figure out how the meeting spaces are being utilized. Get an update emailed to you with in-depth knowledge of your company’s meeting arrangements. Let JOAN’s analytics entrust your judgments, diminish real estate costs and increase output.

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Smart Classroom Equipment Service Provider in India

Today technology has touched our lives in every sphere. We have acquired new concepts and ideas in practically every field be it Communication, Transportation, Logistics, Entertainment, Medicare or any other territory. Education too could not be left unaffected by this change. Gone are the days when there was a tussle between what the teacher was trying to explain through the aids at his/her disposal then and the level of understanding reached by the class. The scenario now is absolutely different. The classrooms have now become Smart Classrooms with digital aids like Interactive White Boards, Touch Screens, Computers and Projectors. All these devices have helped in an increased level of understanding on part of students and a less complicated mode of imparting knowledge by the tutor. With the help of these gadgets, a very complex diagram or a very demanding equation can be explained with much ease and carrying more clarity. The teaching and learning process has become not only more effective but also fun-filled when the content having 2D/3D animation is used with digital tools.

Let’s see what tools we must use to turn our classroom into a smart or digital classroom:

It is a flexible digital learning tool using which a tutor can project documents on a large screen. A wide range of information can be displayed using this tool e.g. a complex diagram, a page in the book or any other image making it much simpler for the viewer to understand it better.

Blackboards are now a history and have been replaced by Interactive White Boards without which a smart classroom is not complete. Using touch-sensitive whiteboard surface with the help of a projector and a laptop one can impart lessons using one’s finger or a stylus or a pen. Nowadays when children are much used to gadgets like smartphones and others, this interactive board matches their ever-growing curiosity. The impressive features that it carries add thrill to classroom sessions.

ricoh rx300 projector
It is another essential equipment needed for a smart classroom. The need may vary from a simple to an interactive one using which any surface like a wall or a screen or a whiteboard turns in to an interactive surface. Also depending on the available distance between the surface and the projector the requirement may call for the use of standard throw to a short throw to an ultra short throw projector.

digital podium
It is a present-day lecture stand fitted with various media components that ensure a session without any interruption. It can be fitted with integrated UPS for continuous power supply. It can even have a lecture recording device fitted in it.

Neets controllers can be installed at the podium making it easy to use advanced AV equipment. It is only one interface for all AV devices. Normally there is an uncomfortable wait before the lecture or presentation can begin but with Neets AV Control the lecture or presentation can start right away.

There are many challenges faced in a classroom – How to turn on the projector/display – How to switch the source between VGA and HDMI – Display remains switched on even after the lecture is over. Use of QueBecII overcomes all these problems. It is an affordable automatic control system that everybody can use. Just plug in the cable and the system starts up. Auto on/off helps to increase projector’s life, saves lamp hours and room energy consumption.

With Micker there is no need to have speakers and an amplifier and the wires running all over the floor. This unique product is a 3 in 1 system – Mic+Amplifier+Speaker – all built in one. It runs on rechargeable battery and is easily portable weighing just 280 gms. It is made in Korea with aesthetic looks. There is absolutely no need to put stress on vocal chords any longer.

We at Ceeco Technologies, keeping pace with ever-changing automation have a lot to offer to turn ordinary classrooms into smart and lively learning rooms. Our Marketing Team is ever willing to help you with the solution you are looking for. Please call 011 47-655-655 or write to us at: contactus@ceeco.in

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Huddle Room Audio Visual (AV) Solutions

Huddle Room AV Solutions

Huddle Room AV Solutions

Today when the office space has become a premium commodity, to save cost, a Huddle Room is a very economical and practical solution. Many organizations in the world are opting for this and apart from having a large conventional conference room also have few Huddle Rooms. It normally has a capacity to accommodate 6 to 8 persons and is quite a private meeting area. Space gets more intimate resulting in better collaboration of participants.

We at Ceeco Technologies Pvt. Ltd. offer some very efficient and productive AV solutions for such small spaces. Our Ricoh short throw PJ RX 300, PJ X4340 and Ricoh ultra short throw PJ WX4152, PJ WX 4152N, PJ WX4152 NI projectors are the right answers for these rooms. Install the Ultra Short Throw projector within centimetres of the surface where the projection is intended and exhibit smart and fascinating presentations, images and videos with immense quality and no distortions like glare or shadows. Get large HD displays with 1280×800 WXGA resolution. With the merging of 3500 lumens and outstanding contrast ratios up to 13000:1 gets brilliant images with sharper contrasts between light and dark colours.

 Another must have for a Huddle Room is an Interactive Board and we offer a choice of 3 models- Ricoh D5500, Ricoh D6500 and Ricoh D8400 – each with unique features. Using the advantage of touchscreen one can edit, resize, erase and save. Screen content can be saved right away to USB memory, sent to a printer or forwarded via email as a PDF file.

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Boardroom & Conference Room Audio Visual (AV) Solutions

Modern Boardroom With AV


The Board Rooms or the Conference Rooms in the corporate world are not the same as they were a decade or two ago. Over the years with technology advancing every day these rooms have turned into strategic hubs and nerve centres for the organizations where key decisions are made. These rooms are now equipped with most modern and advanced AV technology. These next-generation tools help the participants share their ideas freely and smoothly through the electronic media. There are High-Resolution displays with absolute image clarity exhibiting finer details like HD photos, spreadsheets, graphs and other data.

We at Ceeco Technologies have AV solutions which bring Board Rooms alive. There is a wide range of projectors to choose from and which are from basic Entry Projectors to Handy Projectors, Short throw to Ultra Short throw and Standard and High-End projectors, all manufactured by world famous RICOH technology, to suit everyone’s needs.

Another unique product available is ClickShare that enables the participants to share their contents with laptops or mobile devices (BYOD) on a presentation screen with just a single Click. No cables, no setup, no waiting to join in. The piece is truly user-friendly needing no IT intervention. From 2 to 4 persons can share the same screen simultaneously while a maximum number of those who can stay connected is 64. Doubtlessly a versatile piece of equipment. You simply Click, Connect and Share.

Recently we have added to our stock Neets AV Control system which is a product from Denmark. Make ClickShare smarter with Neets Control. Connect your ClickShare button to the USB port or turn on the ClickShare app on your mobile device. Neets control system will detect the ClickShare device and automatically trigger room functions and AV devices such as a display. Press the ClickShare button to start your presentation.

Turning off- Unplug the ClickShare button and the Neets control system will automatically turn off display/projector.


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