CEECO TECHNOLOGIES LAUNCHES UVS-S01 to Clean Microphone in Easiest Way.

Ceeco Technologies has introduced an innovative solution the “UVS-S01” – the first rechargeable & portable sterilizer de- signed for a microphone. It sterilizes the microphone through UV radiation quite effectively and clean microphone in better way.

cleaning microphone

Although the number of microphones and its use is steadily increasing in daily life, the problem of cleaning the micro- phones still exists. While the dust etc. is easy to remove, germ accumulation and “MICROPHONE HYGIENE” remains a concern.

Microphone Hygiene is Big Concern Toady

“In current scenario of heightened awareness of hygiene, we take a lot of precaution in our daily life to prevent against catching air borne infections. We make prudent investments at home in air purifiers, hand sanitizers etc. to prevent us and our children catching such infections. However, we are ignoring / not doing enough in our workplace and educational institutions and due to this, tend to get

infected and carry these germs & viruses back to our homes.” Commented a per- sonnel from Ceeco Technologies.

Therefore, for the first time, an innova- tive solution to sterilize microphones the

UVS-S01 is being launched worldwide by Ceeco Technologies. The product will be launched simultaneously in India. It is a product of E-best and originates from South Korea. Reportedly, this is the first rechargeable & portable sterilizer designed for a microphone allowing users to get rid of stinky microphone smells and clean microphone in just 5 minutes.

With its portability, compact design, bat- tery operations and user-friendly features, one can use it anywhere. The “UVS” Microphone Sterilizer ensures germ-free microphones through UV radiation in organizations/institutions. It is an effective tool for sterilization of microphones in all places like Convention Centres, Healthcare Centres, NGOs, Offices, Colleges, Schools, Academic Institutes, and Hotels etc.

Ceeco Technology UVS-S01 Microphone Sterilizer is 99.9 % effective in killing germs and is certified by the – Korea Con- formity Laboratory, a renowned testing lab of Korea.


How Wireless Microphone is Perfect Device for Smart Classes?

Can you imagine your life without WiFi today? The reason it is such a big hit in the technology industry is the ability to use it anywhere without making any physical connections. The education sector is no exception. Wireless microphones have proven to be an incredible teaching tool today. Right from lectures to live events, a wireless microphone is making its mark in the education sector.

Technology has never influenced Education as much as much as it has the last decade. However, the complexities and user unfriendliness of technology has created some hurdle in its across adoption.

Ceeco understands the requirement of today’s smart world of Education. Also the world of learning and education is moving with the times & we need to catch the technology for making education convenient as well as hassle free. Theater has been an influential factor in our lives now day.

wireless microphone

“Micker Pro” New Concept! an “All in one Mike + Amplifier + Speaker”  originates from Korea, a country known for quality products. With its user friendly features we can enhance the productivity of Classroom / lecture room.

The need for wireless microphones in an educational environment

It has been seen that teachers have to raise their voices in the classrooms so that they are audible enough to reach the last bench in the classrooms. Thanks to the various kinds of noise distractions outside the classroom that are putting teachers at health risk due to constantly speaking in high volumes. Hence, many schools and colleges have come forward to address this issue by offering a wireless microphone for teachers. With wireless microphones clipped to their dresses, it has now become easier for teachers to pass their wisdom to each and every student, amid all the distractions.

A survey conducted recently pointed out some benefits of using the microphone for classroom teaching India, some of which are listed below:-

Better sound means better learning

Not specifically focusing on classroom teaching, wireless microphones have helped instructors in various fields. For instance, aerobics instructors using wireless microphones can easily guide their students to follow his or her steps, even with all the music noise in the background. Similarly, many schools conduct yoga classes for improving flexibility and health in children. Wireless microphones make it easier for the students to understand the why and how of yoga poses.

No repetitions

Earlier students were facing challenges hearing teachers, especially if the teacher is dictating a lecture. The constantly had to ask the lecturers to repeat, which was a sheer wastage of time and effort. However, with a portable wireless microphone for teachers, they have become easily audible to a huge strength of class and that too without any repetitions.

Improved class attentiveness

The Amplified sound system has definitely solved student attention problems. Not every teacher can speak in high volume, despite conscious efforts. As a result, students were distracting leading to low academic results. However, with microphones, a lecturer is virtually putting each and every student in the front row of the class facing the speaker. Also, sound systems have aided in better classroom participation, making sessions more interactive.

Lesser health problems

In a survey conducted recently to gauge the benefits of sound systems in smart classes, it was revealed that teachers who were using microphones for speaking were less susceptible to throat related problems than others. Many instructors have complained of frequent sore throat problems due to raising the voice for long duration’s in classrooms. Also, without high-quality classroom acoustics, teachers experience more fatigue and strain due to raised voices.

Micker Pro’s can be used anywhere to reduce the panic & hassles of wires & speakers for indoor & outdoor use with advance features:

  • One & only one patented technology
  • Echo option function
  • Specialized dual mike design, outstanding direction of sound
  • User friendly with simply and elegant design
  • Self-developed design 10W dual speaker applied
  • Usable indoor and outdoor*
  • Robust and outstanding design finishing
  • Manufactured in Korea-CE certified

Hence, it makes all sense as to why schools should adopt good quality amplification systems.

JOAN- A Smart Way to Book a Meeting Room

According to a survey conducted by world-class organizations, 70% of the time meetings are adhoc and 30% of meeting rooms that are already booked are not even used.

The survey also revealed that small teams usually book big rooms to conduct a meeting which is sheer wastage of time and resources. Hence, companies are always in dilemma to find ways for making better use of meeting spaces.

  • Companies don’t invest in good quality meeting room booking systems due to its cost and other associated devices or software needed to implement. As a result, they have to depend on improvised solutions which are not quite capable of efficiently booking meeting rooms. It observed that some very big companies are still manually booking the rooms and are resorting to pasting stickers outside meeting rooms resulting in a very poor image.
  • These solutions don’t give accurate information and do not provide complete visibility of how many rooms are occupied or who have booked the room etc. This information and analysis is highly beneficial for companies who regularly require to book rooms.
  • Also, most of the time rooms book for meetings that are not even sure to happen. Even if the organizer cancels, it does not become available immediately. So, it is like a vicious circle where there are more request and less space.

Meeting Room Dilemma

If you are working in a company that regularly organizes meetings and conferences, you would have experienced grave challenges in finding a room as most of the time, meeting rooms have booked. Meetings and conferences are an integral part of any business environment. When you work in an organization, you constantly need to meet and brainstorm to progress in your business. However, the biggest challenges faced with almost every company is finding a suitable room to conduct a meeting, since 90% of the time, most of the meetings unplan So, finding a place is a tedious task.

Solutions to meeting room booking problem

meeting room booking system

This is a big concern that needs to be addressed immediately as numbers of meetings in every organization are bound to increase. Companies need regular strategics of their plans or review performances or conduct brainstorming sessions. To address this issue, companies need to invest in good quality meeting room booking solution for easy and efficient scheduling of meeting rooms.

Best meeting room booking solutions do not always have to be complicated and expensive and they should provide multitude of benefits:-

  • Capable of integrating with existing company calendars for easy booking from employee desktops or right from the meeting room
  • Capable of showing real-time schedules so that employees can book easily
  • Easy to install – even on glass surface – without the need for any expensive / difficult to lay cabling or mounting hardware
  • Capable of induction in existing meeting rooms with ZERO renovation expense
  • Easy to configure and use
  • Energy efficient
  • cost effective to acquire and should not involve hidden costs like recurring license cost.

So, if your company has not thought of investing in meeting room booking system, its time because these solutions are a big value addition for any company looking to enhance productivity.

Why Cleaning of Microphones necessary?

In current scenario of heightened awareness of hygiene, we take a lot of precaution in our daily life to prevent against catching air borne infections. We make prudent investments at home in air purifiers, hand sanitizers etc. to prevent us and our children catching such infections. Although the number of microphones and its use is steadily increasing in our daily life. Usually same microphone is shared among many people and since a microphone is placed near one’s mouth, whatever precaution is taken, there is every possibility of it becoming a very viable media for transfer of saliva, germs, viruses and other bodily effusions to and from people.
microphone bad smell

Still using an old & traditional ways to clean the Microphones.

For maintenance of Microphones people are using many interim solutions like “Mouth Wash Liquids” “Alcohol based Hand Wipes”, Brushes etc. have been tried but none have proved really convenient and effective. Probably this is the reason that renowned artists carry their own mikes which they do not share with anyone.

clean microphone
clean microphone brush

How to get rid of stinky & smelling microphones & keep them hygienic & maintained?

An innovative solution to sterilize microphones – “UVS-S01 a product of E-best and originates from South Korea – a country known for its technology. This is the first rechargeable & portable sterilizer designed for a microphone. Now, you can get rid of stinky microphone smells in just 5 minutes. It sterilizes the microphone through UV radiation quite effectively. With its portability, compact design, battery operations and user friendly features, one can use it anywhere. UVS Microphone Sterilizer is 99.9 % effective in killing germs and is so certified by “Korea Conformity Laboratory” a renowned testing lab of Korea.

Where to get the UVS-A Microphone Sterilizer ??

UVS sterilizer

For the first time, an innovative solution to sterilize microphones – “UVS-S01” is being launched worldwide and “Ceeco Technologies” is launching it simultaneously in India. As a leading AV technology provider for more than 3 decades, we understand the requirement of today’s modern world of business.

wireless microphone

Why Micker- Pro is Perfect Wireless Microphone?

Keeping pace with ever changing technology, we at Ceeco Technologies Pvt. Ltd. have brought to you yet another little piece of marvel called Micker-PRO wireless microphone. This extraordinary wireless microphone will leave you amazed. You need to use it yourself to believe it. Whenever we need to use a microphone for a conference room, automatically images of an amplifier and speakers and a bundle of wires flash through our mind. But no more. Continue reading