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Smart Classroom Equipment Service Provider in India


Today technology has touched our lives in every sphere. We have acquired new concepts and ideas in practically every field be it Communication, Transportation, Logistics, Entertainment, Medicare or any other territory. Education too could not  left unaffected by this change. Gone are the days when there was a tussle between…

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Huddle Room Audio Visual (AV) Solutions

Huddle Room AV Solutions Today when the office space has become a premium commodity, to save cost, a Huddle Room is a very economical and practical solution. Many organizations in the world are opting for this and apart from having a large conventional conference room also have few Huddle Rooms….

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Boardroom & Conference Room Audio Visual (AV) Solutions

Modern Boardroom With AV

The Board Rooms or the Conference Rooms in the corporate world are not the same as they were a decade or two ago. Over the years with technology advancing every day these rooms have turned into strategic hubs and nerve centres for the organizations where key decisions are made. These…

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