CEECO TECHNOLOGIES LAUNCHES UVS-S01 to Clean Microphone in Easiest Way.

Ceeco Technologies has introduced an innovative solution the “UVS-S01” – the first rechargeable & portable sterilizer de- signed for a microphone. It sterilizes the microphone through UV radiation quite effectively and clean microphone in better way.

cleaning microphone

Although the number of microphones and its use is steadily increasing in daily life, the problem of cleaning the micro- phones still exists. While the dust etc. is easy to remove, germ accumulation and “MICROPHONE HYGIENE” remains a concern.

Microphone Hygiene is Big Concern Toady

“In current scenario of heightened awareness of hygiene, we take a lot of precaution in our daily life to prevent against catching air borne infections. We make prudent investments at home in air purifiers, hand sanitizers etc. to prevent us and our children catching such infections. However, we are ignoring / not doing enough in our workplace and educational institutions and due to this, tend to get

infected and carry these germs & viruses back to our homes.” Commented a per- sonnel from Ceeco Technologies.

Therefore, for the first time, an innova- tive solution to sterilize microphones the

UVS-S01 is being launched worldwide by Ceeco Technologies. The product will be launched simultaneously in India. It is a product of E-best and originates from South Korea. Reportedly, this is the first rechargeable & portable sterilizer designed for a microphone allowing users to get rid of stinky microphone smells and clean microphone in just 5 minutes.

With its portability, compact design, bat- tery operations and user-friendly features, one can use it anywhere. The “UVS” Microphone Sterilizer ensures germ-free microphones through UV radiation in organizations/institutions. It is an effective tool for sterilization of microphones in all places like Convention Centres, Healthcare Centres, NGOs, Offices, Colleges, Schools, Academic Institutes, and Hotels etc.

Ceeco Technology UVS-S01 Microphone Sterilizer is 99.9 % effective in killing germs and is certified by the – Korea Con- formity Laboratory, a renowned testing lab of Korea.


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