JOAN- A Smart Way to Book a Meeting Room

According to a survey conducted by world-class organizations, 70% of the time meetings are adhoc and 30% of meeting rooms that are already booked are not even used.

The survey also revealed that small teams usually book big rooms to conduct a meeting which is sheer wastage of time and resources. Hence, companies are always in dilemma to find ways for making better use of meeting spaces.

  • Companies don’t invest in good quality meeting room booking systems due to its cost and other associated devices or software needed to implement. As a result, they have to depend on improvised solutions which are not quite capable of efficiently booking meeting rooms. It observed that some very big companies are still manually booking the rooms and are resorting to pasting stickers outside meeting rooms resulting in a very poor image.
  • These solutions don’t give accurate information and do not provide complete visibility of how many rooms are occupied or who have booked the room etc. This information and analysis is highly beneficial for companies who regularly require to book rooms.
  • Also, most of the time rooms book for meetings that are not even sure to happen. Even if the organizer cancels, it does not become available immediately. So, it is like a vicious circle where there are more request and less space.

Meeting Room Dilemma

If you are working in a company that regularly organizes meetings and conferences, you would have experienced grave challenges in finding a room as most of the time, meeting rooms have booked. Meetings and conferences are an integral part of any business environment. When you work in an organization, you constantly need to meet and brainstorm to progress in your business. However, the biggest challenges faced with almost every company is finding a suitable room to conduct a meeting, since 90% of the time, most of the meetings unplan So, finding a place is a tedious task.

Solutions to meeting room booking problem

meeting room booking system

This is a big concern that needs to be addressed immediately as numbers of meetings in every organization are bound to increase. Companies need regular strategics of their plans or review performances or conduct brainstorming sessions. To address this issue, companies need to invest in good quality meeting room booking solution for easy and efficient scheduling of meeting rooms.

Best meeting room booking solutions do not always have to be complicated and expensive and they should provide multitude of benefits:-

  • Capable of integrating with existing company calendars for easy booking from employee desktops or right from the meeting room
  • Capable of showing real-time schedules so that employees can book easily
  • Easy to install – even on glass surface – without the need for any expensive / difficult to lay cabling or mounting hardware
  • Capable of induction in existing meeting rooms with ZERO renovation expense
  • Easy to configure and use
  • Energy efficient
  • cost effective to acquire and should not involve hidden costs like recurring license cost.

So, if your company has not thought of investing in meeting room booking system, its time because these solutions are a big value addition for any company looking to enhance productivity.

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