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Today technology has touched our lives in every sphere. We have acquired new concepts and ideas in practically every field be it Communication, Transportation, Logistics, Entertainment, Medicare or any other territory. Education too could not  left unaffected by this change. Gone are the days when there was a tussle between what the teacher was trying to explain through the aids at his/her disposal then and the level of understanding reached by the class. The scenario now is absolutely different.

The classrooms have now become Smart Classrooms with digital aids like Interactive White Boards, Touch Screens, Computers and Projectors. All these devices have helped in an increased level of understanding on part of students and a less complicated mode of imparting knowledge by the tutor. With the help of these gadgets, a very complex diagram or a very demanding equation can explain with much ease and carrying more clarity. The teaching and learning process has become not only more effective but also fun-filled when the content having 2D/3D animation use with digital tools.

Let’s see what tools we must use to turn our classroom into a smart or digital classroom:

It is a flexible digital learning tool using which a tutor can project documents on a large screen. A wide range of information can display using this tool e.g. a complex diagram, a page in the book or any other image making it much simpler for the viewer to understand it better so this is better for classroom.

INTERACTIVE WHITE BOARD for  Digital Classroom

Blackboards are now a history and have been replaced by Interactive White Boards without which a smart classroom is not complete. Using touch-sensitive whiteboard surface with the help of a projector and a laptop one can impart lessons using one’s finger or a stylus or a pen. Nowadays when children are much used to gadgets like smartphones and others, this interactive board matches their ever-growing curiosity. The impressive features that it carries add thrill to classroom sessions.

PROJECTOR for Smart classroom

ricoh rx300 projector
It is another essential equipment needed for a smart classroom. The need may vary from a simple to an interactive one using which any surface like a wall or a screen or a whiteboard turns in to an interactive surface. Also depending on the available distance between the surface and the projector the requirement may call for the use of standard throw to a short throw to an ultra short throw projector.

DIGITAL PODIUM for Digital Class Room

digital podium
It is a present-day lecture stand fitted with various media components that ensure a session without any interruption. This device can be fitted with integrated UPS for continuous power supply also lecture recording device fitted in it.

Neets controllers can be installed at the podium making it easy to use advanced AV equipment. It is only one interface for all AV devices. Normally there is an uncomfortable wait before the lecture or presentation can begin but with Neets AV Control the lecture or presentation can start right away.

NEETS QUEBEC II for digital classroom

There are many challenges faced in a classroom – How to turn on the projector/display – How to switch the source between VGA and HDMI – Display remains switched on even after the lecture is over. Use of QueBecII overcomes all these problems. It is an affordable automatic control system that everybody can use. Just plug in the cable and the system starts up. Auto on/off helps to increase projector’s life so it saves lamp hours and room energy consumption.

MICKER for classroom

With Micker there is no need to have speakers and an amplifier and the wires running all over the floor. This unique product is a 3 in 1 system – Mic+Amplifier+Speaker – all built in one. It runs on rechargeable battery and is easily portable weighing just 280 gms. There is absolutely no need to put stress on vocal chords any longer hence it is perfect device for classroom.

We at Ceeco Technologies, keeping pace with ever-changing automation have a lot to offer to turn ordinary classrooms into smart rooms. Our Marketing Team is ever willing to help you with the solution you are looking for.

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