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AV Solution for Classroom

av solution classroom

Classroom AV technology has a vital role in facilitating active learning environments. These environments have become more collaborative, where students are adding to discussions and presentations.

As AV technology is advancing, educators are exploring new ways to change the learning environment to upgrade student workflows. Use of e-podiums has been increased as this allows the lectures to run smoothly with advanced AV equipments.

Some of the most appealing upgradation in AV technology for the classroom includes wireless collaboration, interactive displays, projectors & screens, automation systems, e-podiums pre installed with controllers.

Recommended Products for Classrooms

  • ClickShare CS-100
  • Micker
  • NEETS-QueBec
  • NEETS-EcHo Plus
  • Ricoh Projectors
ClickShare CS-1000 Micker1 NEETS-QueBec2 Ricoh Projectors3