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AV/UC Solution for Classroom

A classroom is a room in which both children and adults learn and teacher teaches the students. Classroom is commonly found in educational institutions like pre-schools, schools and universities. They can also be found in many other places, where education or training is provided like corporate offices, religious and humanitarian organizations.

In simple words, classroom is a space where learning takes place without any interruption. Today, digital or smart classrooms have taken place in all schools, institutions and learning centers. For smart classrooms, audio visual systems are always required.

Classroom AV technology has a vital role in facilitating active learning environments. These environments have become more collaborative, where students take part in discussions and presentations.

We have AV consultants who will suggest you to design, integrate products and support for digital classroom. There are some of the most appealing upgraded designs in AV technology for the classroom which includes interactive displays, wireless microphone, projectors & screens, AV control system, e-podiums pre-installed with controllers.

classroom solution

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