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Meetings - you may love them or hate them!! Still, there is no way to get around them. Meetings are an important part of the corporate working.

Meeting rooms are the place where decisions are taken, brainstorming, creativity bursts and real teamwork comes to life. Wireless presentations turn the meeting room into a collaborative place where content can be shared from any device be it a laptop, mobile phone or tablet without bothering about diverse cables and connectors.

ClickShare is the chosen device for meeting room administrators and IT managers while selecting a wireless solution for their enterprise. What makes ClickShare the best wireless device? Ease of use, Ease of installation, Network integration, Three levels of configurable security, Five years of standard warranty are some of the features that enable this trust from a large number of Indian and international customers.

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All ClickShare Models

ClickShare Models

Wireless Conferencing System

ClickShare Conference brings wireless conferencing, a revolutionary workplace experience. It combines powerful remote communication with easy-to-use wireless collaboration.

Start a meeting from your device, use your preferred conference tool. Automatically you connect wirelessly to room cameras, speakerphones, sound bars for a more immersive meeting. In less than 7 seconds you conference, collaborate and click with our secure, connected and cloud managed solution.

Bring your own meeting, decide how you collaborate in any meeting space - from huddle to boardroom. Sharing with the improved ClickShare Conferencing Button and Collaboration App (pc, Mac or mobile devices) make your meetings richer and more interactive.

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Wireless Presentation System

ClickShare wireless presentation system is an all-in-one solution that provides a cable free, hassle free, seamless experience for meetings and conferences.
ClickShare increases productivity and efficiency of all meetings.
A wide range of ClickShare models are available to meet the requirement of every kind of customer and diverse room types- right from a huddle room to a corporate board room.

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