Wireless Presentation & Conferencing System

Barco ClickShare

ClickShare is the chosen device for meeting room administrators and IT managers while selecting a wireless solution for their enterprise. What makes ClickShare the best wireless device? Ease of use, Ease of installation, Network integration, Three levels of configurable security, Five years of standard warranty are some of the features that enable this trust from a large number of Indian and international customers.

wireless conference device
  • wireless conference
  • Wireless Conferencing System

    ClickShare Conference brings wireless conferencing, a revolutionary workplace experience. It combines powerful remote communication with easy-to-use wireless collaboration.
    wireless presentation
    wireless presentation

    Wireless Presentation System

    ClickShare wireless presentation system is an all-in-one solution that provides a cable free, hassle free, seamless experience for meetings and conferences. It increases productivity and efficiency of meetings.

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