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control room

AV/UC Solution for Control Room

A control room is a central space where a large physical facility or physically dispersed service can be monitored and controlled. A control room is the nerve centre of an organisation’s AV facilities and is designed to operate building-wide AV and IT systems architecture and technologies, to assure the lines of communication remain open, security and performance is advanced and collaborative events proceed as planned.

Control rooms and network operation centres [NOCs] are continuously evolving. Ceeco assists its customers in adopting new control room video displays and collaboration technologies into these mission critical environments.

Ceeco’s technologies help clients maintain situational awareness and increase collaboration & decision making processes. Ceeco provides clients with custom control room solutions involving video walls, high resolution displays, multi window controllers, collaboration devices, touch control systems etc.

We have the skill to design, engineer and install world-class control room environments. Our best practice philosophy focuses on key areas in room design which are: Utility, Collaboration, Operational Costs and Upgradability.

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