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DataVideo has a range of Converters allowing High Quality conversion between one connected format to another all in real time. High Quality converters from DataVideo convert between SD, HD, and 3G formats. It supports 10-bit video processing and accepts VGA, HDMI, and SD/HD-3G-SDI video input signals and automatically converts them to the selected output format. With a built-in mini-USB port, the converter is firmware upgradeable for support of future video formats

  • SDI to VGA Converter DAC-60

    The DAC-60 supports 3G/HD/SD-SDI to VGA conversion, suits projector and LCD screen display really well. SDI loop through is unaffected by the adjustments..


    The DAC-70 supports a multitude of video resolutions ranging from SD to Full HD. If you need to connect two otherwise incomptible video devices together...

    4 SDI to HDMI Converter DAC-8PA

    The DAC-8PA allows you to convert an SDI signal (up to 1080p60) to HDMI. It includes the option to de-embed audio to a stereo RCA output.

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