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Customer will require a hypervisor that is capable of running virtual machines. This can either be a consumer oriented (VMware Workstation, VirtualBox) or server oriented solution (ESXi, Hyper-V). The virtual machine you’ll be running is 64-bit, so you
Workplace analytics get sent out every Monday and it is not possible to request them.
The Joan device is monochrome only.
There are no different ports needed for the Enterprise security, you only need to open up the port 11113 and TCP 8089
Client cannot set meeting agenda and other info when they book a meeting through device. It is possible only when they book meeting through calendar.
Client can change Joan template only when they sync on premise server.
The device can also be set to charging at all the times. If client wish to charge JOAN with a charger instead of the enclosed Micro-USB cable, they have to make sure that the charger they are using is a certified Micro-USB charger with an output rating of
Client can assign resource manager for room resource on calendar so if any user book any meeting, request will go to resource manager for approval.
The response of the Touchscreen is in correspondence with the Wifi strength (Measured in the dBm).
JOAN is a thin client device connecting via Wi­-Fi, meaning that all of its operations take place online. This requires a stable connection with a server. Wi-fi connection should has good coverage, a good quality access point & does not have too many c
The JOAN Web Portal will let you manage any JOAN device you purchase; there are no limitations when it comes to managing all your JOAN’s in one place.
If your JOAN Manager or JOAN Executive does not respond to touch, please first check if your device is fully charged. JOAN is also very sensitive as to the quality of the Wi-Fi signal. Every click you make is transmitted over the wireless network: the be