Large Meeting Room Booking System


Functionalities of JOAN13

The 13-inch Joan is perfect for large conference rooms, lobbies, and office receptions. It displays availability of up to nine rooms, upcoming meetings, and co-workers’ availability. Showcase information straight at the meeting room door or anywhere else an overview is needed. These functionalities deliver clear information and improve office efficiency. Enabling savings in time, space, and reduce interruptions. Joan 13 integrates with all the standard company calendars.
Schedule board

For Small offices and Large Offices See room status and up to six upcoming meetings for a single room. Available on Joan 13 with any subscription plan.

  • For large conference rooms, Board Rooms, lobbies.
  • + 1 month PREMIUM plan for free
  • 13-inch (16:9)
  • Multiple room overviews
  • Up to 1-year battery life
  • Room grid
  • Team Grid
  • Schedule board

Room Grid

For Small,Large Offices and Halls

This overview of up to 9 meeting rooms shows meeting names and locations. Available on Joan 13 with the Standard and Premium plan

Team Grid

For Large Conference Rooms and Boardrooms

See what the whole team is up to. Check who is available and when is their next engagement. Cease constant workflow interruptions. Available on Joan 13 with the Standard and Premium plan.

  • Setup and manage all your Joan displays centrally from one easy-to-use, secure Web Portal.
  • DEVICE MANAGEMENT: Adjust device settings and check battery status.
  • ROOM ANALYTICS:Make informed decisions with Joan's Room Analytics
  • BUSINESS OPTIMIZATION:Reduce real estate costs and enhance productivity.

Details About Joan6

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