Meeting Room Booking System


Functionalities of JOAN6

Joan 6 is ideal for managing meeting rooms, desks, office pods, and huddle spaces. It comes with two main functionalities: real-time booking and hot-desking. Its mission is to minimize daily interruptions, optimize the use of meeting rooms, and simplify wayfinding around the office. Those things enable savings in management time and real-estate. The new generation Joan 6 device comes with the advanced Wi-Fi encryption, Bluetooth support and LED front light.

For Small Meeting Rooms and Huddle Spaces Work from any free desk in your office. a calendar or on the spot. Available on Joan 6 and with the Standard and Premium plan.

  • For Meeting Rooms, huddle spaces, desks, office pods.
  • + 1 month PREMIUM plan for free
  • 6-inch (4:3)
  • Touchscreen
  • Up to 3-months battery life
  • Real-time booking
  • Hot-desking

Real-Time Booking

For small Offices, Large Offices and Huddle Spaces

See if a room is booked or free, check when is the next meeting, or even book a time slot on the spot. Available only on Joan 6 with any subscription plan.

Manage everything from one place.
  • Setup and manage all your Joan displays centrally from one easy-to-use, secure Web Portal.
  • DEVICE MANAGEMENT: Adjust device settings and check battery status.
  • ROOM ANALYTICS:Make informed decisions with Joan's Room Analytics
  • BUSINESS OPTIMIZATION:Reduce real estate costs and enhance productivity.

Details About Joan6

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