Video Conferencing PTZ Camera

Video Conferencing PTZ Camera- Marshall

Marshall Electronics is a USA based company dealing in professional audio and video technologies AV/Unified Communications. It is a trusted provider of high quality and reliable video, audio, and multimedia systems for Broadcast Video, Pro A/V, Pro Audio and OEM applications worldwide. Marshall is dedicated to supplying the Pro A/V market with innovative POV and video conferencing PTZ cameras.

A pan–tilt–zoom camera is a video conferencing PTZ camera, that is capable of remote directional and zoom control. Marshall CV610-UB PTZ and Marshall CV610-U3W-V2 cameras are designed under USA regulatory authorities to deliver broadcast quality video to Teleconference, Pro A/V, and computer interface applications with wall mount. It has up to 128 presets position, 340 degrees Horizontal Pan Range, 120 degree tilt Range, 10X optical zoom and HD 1080P.

  • CV640-UB
  • Marshall CV610-UB

    It is a video conferencing high quality PTZ 10X optical zoom, HD 1080P and pan tilt camera with wall mount .

    Marshall CV610-U3W-V2 (White)
    CV610-U3-V2 (Black/Silver)

    It is the best video conferencing PTZ 10X optical zoom, full HD 1920x1080p and pan tilt camera with CV610-U3 Cable.

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