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Meeting Room Booking System - JOAN

Display your Meeting Room reservations and book rooms on the spot with JOAN

Joan is the simplest meeting room booking solution for managing conference rooms, huddle spaces, and desks. It could be used to show key information about Meeting Rooms and office spaces, it shows people’s availability or it could be used as wayfinding or information board. or information board.

Joan comes with two device options: Joan 6 and Joan 13, both of which provide a specific set of functionalities and features. They are not only tied to the size of the device but also to the subscription plans offered with it: Basic, Standard, and Premium. Every Joan device comes with free access to the Premium subscription plan for 30 days.

Built on revolutionary low-power e-paper technology, Joan seamlessly connects to existing calendars and infrastructure, has no buttons, and is ready to install in just minutes.

  • Meeting Room booking device
  • JOAN Meeting Room solution
  • Meeting Room booking solution

MEET Meeting Room Booking System- JOAN

  • Optimize finding & scheduling

    Quickly find and schedule everything you might need in an office.
    Book and manage your office spaces with ease.

  • Elevate your office experience.

    Joan takes your meeting culture to the next level,
    adopts your company logo, style, and language in no time.

  • Boost your office efficiency.

    Quickly find and schedule everything you might need in an office.
    Book and manage your office spaces with ease.

  • Simple to install.

    Joan devices stick to any clean surface with a magnetic mount.
    Completely wireless, without cables and installation costs.

  • Simple to use

    Joan seamlessly integrates with your office calendar.
    No additional knowledge and skills are needed to use the device.

  • Advanced security

    Advanced wifi encryption and our thin client device setup ensure
    that all our devices comply with the highest security standards.

JOAN Devices

Comparison of JOAN Models

Compare Models JOAN6 JOAN13
For Meeting Rooms, huddle spaces, desks, office pods. For large conference rooms, Board Rooms, lobbies.
+ 1 month PREMIUM plan for free + 1 month PREMIUM plan for free
6-inch (4:3) 13-inch (16:9)
Touchscreen Multiple room overview
Up to 3-months battery life Up to 1-year battery life
  • Real-time booking
  • Hot-desking
  • Room grid
  • Team Grid
  • Schedule board

JOAN Support

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