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Meeting Room Booking & Desk Booking System

Display your Meeting Room reservations and book rooms on the spot with JOAN. It is the simplest meeting room booking solution for managing conference rooms, huddle spaces, and desks. It can be used to show key information about Meeting Rooms and office spaces. It shows people’s availability or it can be used as wayfinding or information board. Joan comes with two device options: Joan 6 and Joan 13, both of which provide a specific set of functionalities and features. They are not only tied to the size of the device but also to the subscription plans offered with it: Basic, Standard, and Premium. Every Joan device comes with free access to the Premium subscription plan for 30 days. Built on revolutionary low-power e-paper technology, Joan seamlessly connects with existing calendars and infrastructure, has no buttons, and is ready to install in just minutes.

  • meeting room booking system
  • JOAN6

    Joan6 is suitable for meeting rooms, huddle spaces and workstations.
    meeting room booking


    Joan13 is suitable device for large conference rooms, boardrooms and lobbies

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