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Micker-Pro mike

Mike + Amplifier + Dual Speaker = Just "Micker-Pro"

All in One Portable mickerphone! "Micker Pro"

Micker Pro- it is dual speaker provides an excellent convenient and stable the good quality of sound without any directional loss inside the classroom environment, and offers different kinds of options such as howling suppressor technology by all-in-one mike.
Structure of micker-pro can be used for lecture debates at indoors and outdoors gathering.
Top features of micker-Pro are:
(3-level volume adjustment, external device player, internal charging circuit, charging unit, echo, buzzer)

Realizing the freedom and stability of wireless mickerphone

"Micker Pro" is optimized for any internal and external activity of group meeting, such as academic institute,Sports, kinder garden, conference room, church and seminar, etc

Places to use Micker-Pro Microphone

mickerphone for Schools - Colleges 
- Tuition Centers

Schools - Colleges
- Tuition Centers

mickerphone for Meeting Rooms - Training Rooms
- Huddle Rooms - Shop Floors

Meeting Rooms - Training Rooms
- Huddle Rooms - Shop Floors

mickerphone for NGOs - Political - Religious -

NGOs - Political - Religious -


Yoga - Indoor & Outdoor Sports

Fetes - Museums - 

Exhibitions - Fetes - Museums -

mickerphone for Malls - Shopping Complexes

Malls - Shopping Complexes

mickerphone for Tour Operatotrs - Hotels &

Tour Operatotrs - Hotels &

mickerphone for Picnics - Games - Campfire

Picnics - Games - Campfire

Why Micker Pro is a useful Mike?

Portable mickerphone with One Hand

Micker pro is one and only patented sound technology from Korea and is CE certified. It is a three-in-one wireless mike which does not require the use of any external amplifier or speaker as these components are in-built. It is totally Wi-Fi needing no cables or wires and is a truly portable mike system weighing mere 300 gms. How convenient!!! Built esthetically with good looks and a nice grip.

best mickerphone for teachers & classrooms

Not only that, it does not depend on electricity – so no search for any electrical sockets. It runs on a rechargeable battery. It gives stable quality of sound with no directional loss and has 3 level volume adjustment. It is fitted with a howling suppression function. Multiple users can use it simultaneously without causing any confusion.
It is so user friendly that even a child can operate it without any hassle.

Micker Pro is all in one Wireless Mike.

Best mickerphone for teachers & classrooms

"Micker Pro" is optimized for big classroom, lecture room and Meeting Room environment and good to use for any internal and external activity of big group meeting, such as church, street plays, shows, track and fields events..
Offers volume, buzzer & echo option function.
It is dual speaker mike design, provides outstanding direction of sound.
Robust and outstanding design finishing with speaker-protecting aluminum.

Wireless Mike + Amplifier + Dual Speaker = Micker Pro

Advacne feature wireless mike

Best Sound quality and level for conference & lecture room.
Very clean and clear tone of voice

Dual speaker provides robust and
comfortable sound. It is spreading natural and effective sound within
in the space

Noise free mickerphone and speaker
It is noise free mickerphone and speaker which deliver
clear sound with no delay time.

Very convenient grip and usability
with simple design

Easy to carry one place to another.
for portable use
It is wireless mike, very convenient to carry.

Excellent durability and rigid material
If accidentally dropped, it is not damaged or broken easily.

dual speaker mickerphone

wireless mike

It can be use by multiple users simultaneously.

Lithium ion battery with protective circuit
and power saving mode
It’s designed with long lasting battery
which can be use long time with the automatic sleeping mode.

Micker - All in one mickerphone features and spec

According to environment it can be occur. Confusion It can be used by multiple users at once, there is no confusion.
It is depend on mickerphone connection structure. Noise No noise occur in any situation.
Users need to setting up for power, frequency, mickerphone line etc. Complexity There is no need of additional settings, it is handle through one touch button
It may be occur in some cases such as increasing mickerphone volume. Howling equipped with howling suppressing function.
Direction of sound and quality can be poor in certain spaces. Sound quality It is dual speaker sound technology which is comfortable in vast gathering and the sound is very clear in vast space.
It is different according to device. Option Provide easy to use function like volume selection, buzzer and echo.

"Micker Pro", How to use?

Micker Handling Position Micker Handling Position Micker Handling Position Micker Handling Position

  • Must be keep 3-5 cm distance from them mouth and maintain 12 cm between speaker output and chest at the time of using this mike.

  • Must be placed head mike receiver near the lips.

  • Must be placed head mike receiver near the lips.

  • Head mike receiver should be placed near the lips

  • Don’t use it while you are holding the mike speaker.

  • User should not hold the mike speaker up too high.

"Micker Pro" Package

MK-10W/B, MK-10W/W and MK10W/S

Micker-pro Standard Package

Functions and Features of Micker-Pro Mike (MK-10W & MK-10WS)

Feature Specification
Max Power Output 10 Watt
Frequency Response 200 Hz-15 KHz+ 2db
Hours of Battery use 6-7 hours for 7.4V
Charging Time Two and half hours DC5V 1A USB C Type
Charger Charging Cradle, DC5V 1A USB C Cable (main body)
Battery 1100 mAh Li-ion battery ( internal )/ can be used for long hours with automatic sleep mode
Weight and Size 300 gms. / Length 26 cm.
Configuration Micker pro main body, Pouch, Strap, Charging Cradle