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Mike+Amplifier+Speaker = Just "Micker"

New Concept! All in One Portable Microphone! "Micker"

"Micker"- optimized for speech is a all in one portable Microphone with inbuilt speaker and amplifier. It has no inconvenient cable and you can use it anytime and anywhere, runs on battery. It is powered by a low-cost and high efficient rechargeable battery with more than 6-7 hours continual useable time. Ideal tool for small gatherings indoor and outdoor.

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Why Micker is Different from Other Wireless Microphone ?

mike with speaker

Realizing the freedom and stability of wireless microphone

"Micker" is optimized for classroom, lecture room and Meeting Room environment and good to use for any internal and external activity* of group meeting, such as academic institute, kindergarten etc.

Sound quality and sound level for lecture room It conveys clean and clear tone of voice.

No directional nature of sound Sound spreads out in whole space naturally and effectively.

Howling Suppressor applied No unpleasent noise is generated in mike and speaker and with no delay time, the sound is clear.

It is a very handy portable Microphone for teachers who generally have to shout to be heard by the students in the last rows but with "Micker" you just have to speak in normal voice and the sound spreads equally over the space. With "Micker" they can comfortably convey to each other without placing stress on their throats. Even in corporate world it has its uses and can be easily used in a Huddle Room or a Training Room or a small Meeting Room. The best part is there is no preparation required for setting up of an amplifier and a speaker and the wires that go in to sockets placed at inconvenient locations. No fear of power failure as the "Micker" works on a battery.

With sound reflector and fine diffuser, providing robust and comfortable sound in classroom environment without any directional nature of sound. Speech optimized all-in-one mike system Integral mike structure with howling suppressor

Sound quality and sound level for lecture room It conveys clean and clear tone of voice.

wireless mike with speaker
micker pro

Built for simultaneous use with no crossing problem in the same space.There is no crossing problem which can often occur in the wireless products and several people can use it at the same time .

Protection circuit mounted lithium ion battery and power saving mode With long-lasting battery and with automatic power saving mode, long time use of "Micker" is possible.

Good grip feeling and convenient usability with simple design Being held in one hand, it functions with only one button control

All-in-one-design for portable use Without any complex cables it is convenient to carry and keep.

Rigid Material and excellent durability Even if dropped, it is not damaged or easily broken.


Comparison Micker With other Microphone

Other Products VS Micker
Wired or wireless speaker separated structure Structure Mike, speaker and amp all-in-one
Crossing problem depending on the use environment Crossing No crossing problem and available simultaneous use
Motion noise depending on mike connection structure Noise No noise generated
Required usage setting in power, frequency and mike line Complexity No setting required and only one button control
Howling occurred for different situations when volume up Howling Howling suppressor mounted
Speaker with sound directivity and echo produced Sound tone Sound tone optimized in lecture room environment,
with no sound directivity, comfortable
sound conveyed and patented sound reflector and fine diffuser in speaker part
structure of attaching to body or holding Grip all-in-one design held in one hand and good grip feeling

"Micker", Use Case !

micker in corporate
Meeting |Training & Huddle Rooms - Shop Floors
micker in education
Schools | Colleges & Tuition Centers
micker in yoga classes
Yoga | Indoor & Outdoor Sports
micker in fetes
Exhibitions |Fetes | Museums & Streetplays
micker in NGO
NGOs | Political | Religious | Community
micker in shopping malls
Malls & Shopping Complexes
micker in picnics
Picnics | Games & Campfire
micker in hotels and resorts
Tour Operatotrs - Hotels & Resorts

"Micker", How to use

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"Micker", Tutorial

"Micker", Specification

Division MK-05W MK-05WS/12
Max Power Output 5W 5W
Frequency Response 300Hz~15KHz ± 2dB 300Hz~15KHz ± 2dB
hours of Battery use 18650 type - 2800mA 6hours before and after 18650 type - 2800mA 6hours before and after
Charging Time 5hours(Basic Charger) / 5hours(Boost Charger) 2 and a half hours
Charger 18650type Battery 1CH charge (5V/650mA) 18650type Battery 4CH charge (12V/2A)
Weight and Size 280g / Length 25cm BOX 5kg / BOX Size(44 * 30 * 22cm)
Battery 18650 lithium ion battery (2800mA) 18650 lithium ion battery (2800mA)
Configuration Micker main body / Pouch / Strap Micker 12EA, 4CH Charger 3EA, DC Adapter 3EA, 18650 Battery 12EA, Case

"Micker" Package

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