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Paris Schools Boost Classroom AV Experience

Paris Schools Boost Classroom AV Experience Share this Post on Social Media:

Students in Paris will soon be admiring the advantage that they will receive because of Neets EcHo control system that is being installed in their class rooms.

The Regional Council of Paris were looking for an AV Control system for the class room that would help making presentations effortless for the teachers as well as students. Through the tendering process the council got in touch with local AV reseller Signal who strongly recommended the Neets Control Systems. French Neets Distributor Comil, Signal and Neets Head Quarters got together and finally Signal received the contract under which they will install 3000 EcHo units in schools across Paris.

Carlo Costa, General Manager at Signal explained that their exhaustive knowledge of knowing the school environment helped them to completely understand Regional Council’s requirements for simplicity. He further stated that now with just push of a button using Neets EcHo keypad, teachers and students will have full control of displays and volume.

Most Excellent

Regional Council chose Neets EcHo after having tested equipment from many vendors as it met their requirements viz:
• Economical
• Reliable with Adaptability
• Uncomplicated Installation
• Easy Handling

Above is an example of how working together is in the best interest of all. At the end the pupils and teachers got the most excellent solution. Irrespective of what class room they are using, the AV reality will be homogeneous and continuous through all schools.

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