Portable Speakerphone-Philips PSE0540 PRO

USB, Bluetooth, 360° recording, 6 meters and up to 12 speakers

Philips microphone PSE0540PRO

Focus on your meeting,we take care of the rest

Automated meeting minutes and insights

The Philips SmartMeeting Conference Microphone and Sembly Meeting Assistant take part in meetings with you as your dedicated note takers. The microphone’s smart speech-enhancing and noise-􀅾 ltering technology ensures clear and natural sounding calls. Sembly creates automatic transcripts, summaries and highlights action points and to dos for you. The solution helps you 􀅾 nd out who said what easily and quickly after every meeting, even if you could not attend.

Quick and accurate meeting protocols

  • Automatic minute taking to help you focus on your meetings
  • Instant meeting summary so you know the outcome of every meeting at one glance
  • Automated meeting minutes and actions for saving time
  • Voice ID for clear speaker separation
  • Sembly works with all major platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom and GoToMeeting

Highest recording quality

  • 360° recording with high-quality 4-array microphone for clear meeting recordingsn
  • High-quality loudspeaker for understanding voices clearly
  • Plug-and play connectivity via Bluetooth or USB for easy setup
  • Portable design and powerful battery for flexible meetings even on the go

Focus on your meeting

Sembly will join any call it is invited to, introduce itself, and record the call. It can even attend a call when you’re not there! You can focus on the conversation and not get distracted by having to take notes.

Clear speaker separation

Sembly off ers advanced features such as the revolutionary VoiceID algorithm, which identify speakers in meetings and is able to separate the transcripts per person to see who said what. Each speaker is assigned their own virtual “voice fingerprint”.

High-quality loudspeaker

SmartMeeting solution comes with a highquality loudspeaker which makes sure you can hear and understand every word which has been said by others in the meeting.

Philips speakerphone PSE0540PRO
Philips microphone PSE0540PRO

Instant meeting summary

Shortly after a call, the transcript of the conversation will appear in the Sembly app, which you can read, search, and share as needed.


Sembly connects with all major platforms, such as Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom and GoToMeeting. Sembly automatically syncs with your Google or Outlook calendar. You can also invite Sembly to an unscheduled call at any time.

Seamless connection

Start your calls instantly thanks to simple plug-and-play connectivity to your laptop or smartphone, using either USB or Bluetooth.

Automated action points

Sembly’s smart AI tracks actions, issues, requirements and more to help you zoom-in on key items, in case you missed something during your call or just want to confirm specific details from the discussion.

360° recording

The microphone comes with a noise-cancelling 6-array microphone to capture a radius of 6 meters and up to 12 speakers around the table. The smart speech-enhancing and noisefi ltering technology ensures clear and natural sounding calls.

Portable design

The SmartMeeeting Conference Microphone is lightweight and compact so you can carry it from meeting to meeting throughout the workplace and even on the go. The highcapacity lithium battery makes sure your are always ready for your next conference call, lasting for up to 10 hours.

Philips speakerphone PSE0540PRO

Specifications -PSE0540

Number of microphones:
Sampling rate/sampling bits:
Recording distance:
Recording coverage angle:
Signal-to-noise ratio:
Communication mode:
digital silicon microphone
-29 db
48 kHz / 16 bit
about 6 m / up to 6 people
horizontal 360°
65 dB
full duplex
Number of speakers:
Speaker output power:
2 × 5 W
Charging time:
2800 mAh
up to 10 hours
3 hours
USB: Bluetooth: Compatible with Bluetooth: USB-C 2.0
System requirements
Operating system: macOS 12, Windows 10 or later
Green specifications
Compliant to 2011/65/EU (RoHS)
Lead-free soldered product
Operation conditions
5° – 45° C / 41° – 113° F
10 % – 90 %
Dimensions and design
Product dimensions (W × D × H):
8 × 8 × 19.6 cm / 3.1 × 3.1 × 7.7 in
560 g /19.8 oz
dark grey/Silver
Sembly Meeting Assistant
Team Plus plan:
Supported languages:
Supported applications:
unlimited number of meetings in the first month, then up to 4 meetings per month. 10% off your purchase of a full subscription
Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, GoToMeeting
Package contents
SmartMeeting Portable Conference
USB cable
Power adapter
User manual (including Sembly license code)
Download brochure

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