Philips Smart Video Conference Camera-PSE0520C

FIX 1080P/HD/Auto Focus Camera

Philips Camera PSE0520C

Smart Meeting video conference

A new cross-border conference experience Simultaneous interpretation links the world Modern online conference platform, voice transcription,video conference, real-time translation. Meeting information visualization makes communication more effective! Comfortable window layout, meeting recording support, coupled with various auxiliary functions, providing a diversified interactive experience!


  • PSE0520C 1080P Defination1080P Defination- Ultra HD video call
  • PSE0520C 1080P Light IntelligenceLight Intelligence- Portrait auto focusing
  • PSE0520C 1080P High PrecisionHigh Precision - Optical Lens
  • PSE0520C 1080P High FidelityHigh Fidelity - Dual Stereo Microphone
  • PSE0520C 1080P 30FPS30FPS - Smooth Vision
  • PSE0520C 1080P HD HorizontalHD Horizontal And Vertical Display - Switch to same screen efficiently at any time.

No need to struggle to see clearly

Intelligent core calculation processing, agile and natural. In real time, it solves the focusing problem of shaking when shooting portraits and objects, and still ensures that the focus is clearly captured and outputted on the occasion of high-free applications!

  • Online live broadcasts All major products must be clearly unveiled
  • Online classes The key points on the blackboard must not be blurred
  • Online exercises Practical demonstrations ought to be real enough

1080P Natural Ultra HD

More than chat level

Philips business-level video experience, high-quality solution to the needs of remote conversations,multi-angle realization of the comfortable conversation with the original sound and picture,creating an excellent online communication for you, which amazes the audience in no time!

  • 210W Pixel
  • 48KHz Original Sound

Dual stereo noise reduction pickup

Ensuring pleasant listening experience to be competent at all times

Comes with high-quality microphone Possesses modern active noise-reduction technology And transmits your voice clearly in video/voice calls!

  • All-round: Active noise reduction
  • Zero noise: Echo elimination
  • Dual array: 3m sound field
Philips Camera PSE0520
Philips Camera PSE0520

Installation? NO

Real convenience without installation

Zero-drive usage, compatible with various system platform operations

Desktop/laptop, matching various models

Realizing your expectation of efficiency!

Freely switch between horizontal and vertical display

Viewing mode flexible at any time

  • No need to worry about platform viewing mode differences
  • Supports vertical video imaging device
  • High-Definition experience with horizontal or vertical synchronization!

Elegant and silvery

Amaze the audience easily

Collision of light metal, bringing bright luster

Rotatable tripod design, 90째light and stable balance

Beauty is hidden in artlessness, the simplicity of the brand heritage!

5 light channels deliver solid color

illuminating your conference hall

We have adopted a combination of high-quality lens and selected the 5 pieces of thin transparent glass Effectively focusing the imaging light source and offering you an image experience that is clear enough!

Philips Camera PSE0520

Product Parameters

Model PSE0520C
Image Sensor 1/2.8 inch CMOS sensor
Effective Pixels 2.1 million
Video format MJPEG: 1080P/30 frame
Horizontal perspective 88째
Signal-noise ratio 65dB
Focus method AF (Auto Focus)
White balance Automatic
Wide dynamic Supported
Microphone Dual array microphone
Pickup distance 3 m
Port USB2.0
System Support Android/Apple/Windows system
Size and weight (width X height X depth) 54.1X93.8X65mm/200g
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