Philips PSE0600 Video Conference Cam


Philips Camera PSE0600

Smart Meeting video conference

A new cross-border conference experience Simultaneous interpretation links the world Modern online conference platform, voice transcription,video conference, real-time translation. Meeting information visualization makes communication more effective! Comfortable window layout, meeting recording support, coupled with various auxiliary functions, providing a diversified interactive experience!

  • Simultaneous interpretation - Understand your meetings
  • Independent platform - Making information exchanges more secure
  • Window switch-over - Flexible screen sharing and efficient display

360° shot-following intelligence

Sound tracking image-precise locking

Omnidirectional localization of sound source, 360°zero blind angle,powerful competence of intelligent core, matching with modern noiseless pan-tilt, Quick, noiseless, and clear, with unimpeded shot following, the interaction becomes smoother!


  • 10 times- Optical zoom
  • 500W-Sensitive lens
  • Silent rotation-of Pan-tilt
  • Automatic positioning of sound source-of Pan-tilt -Automatic focus mode
  • HD image sensor-1/2.8”CMOS
  • Active noise reduction

2K HD fidelity vision

High pixels never lies

Full HD visual shock, 5 million pixel strength, attend to the interconnected world experience with professional attitude, present a clear vision, and achieve a comfortable visual feast for you!

  • 500W Pixel
  • 2K Full HD resolution

Sound source positioning

Intelligent Bringing you surprises again and again

Equipped with an intelligent integrated core chip, keenly identify the direction of the sound source, with identification and movement synchronized, quickly localize the object of sound source.

Philips Camera PSE0600
Philips Camera PSE05600

10x optical zoom

Truly understands light able to zoom skillfully

Modern optical zoom lens structure, 6-layer fiber-permeable glass plate, moving with light, creates a range 10 times longer, distance unlimited and shooting more enjoyable!

Sony Professional Sensor

Knowing how to display color a greater level of excellence

Equipped with 1/2.8’inch Sony professional HD CMOS sensor, subtle photosensitivity, ultra-sensitive adjustment, real-time balance of light, offering more natural imaging, Beauty is more than just outside the lens!

30fps smooth

Synchronize your wonderfulnes say no to freezes

Strong core power, achieving high-efficiency image processing, 30fps output speed, captures every move with speed, so that you will not miss a single moment of excitement of your performance!

360° pan-tilt

Changing seasons mark the passing of time, our silent pan-tilt records moments

Intelligent interconnected pan-tilt operation mechanism, aiming at the sound source object uninterruptedly and swiftly, flexibly tracking the object in a silent and stable manner, producing efficient and real-time following shots.


Acoustic image creating a difference listening experience

Philips mature voice system structure, equipped with 4 microphone arrays, 360° sound field construction, Sound pickup, not a moment to be lost!

  • 4MIC array
  • 48KHz sampling rate
  • 6-10m distance
Philips Camera PSE0600
Philips Camera PSE0600

Plug and play

Driver-free convenience,peace of mind for professionals

Complies with plug-and-play program standards, supports drive-free installation, Automatic terminal identification, efficient matching and docking, 1s linkage, can also be handled quickly in emergency situations!

  • Camera
  • Shell
  • Microphone
  • Indicator light
  • Infrared receiver 01
  • Keyhole
  • Microphone array 7 expansion port
  • USB socket
  • RS-232 socket
  • Power outlet
  • Infrared receiver 02

Product Parameters

Model PSE0600
Image Sensor 1/2.8 inch CMOS sensor
HD video call 2592x1944/30FPS
Precision camera 10x optical zoom
Pan-titl Automatic sound source location
Pan/tilt rotation -170°~+173°/-90°~+90°
White balance Automatic
Focus mode Automatic
Wide dynamic range Yes
Number of microphone arrays 4
Sampling Rate 48KHz/24bit
Video port USB2.0*1
Pickup distance 6-10 meters
Communication mode Full duplex
Echo elimination/ active noise reduction Yes
Size/weight 145X135X145.5mm/710g
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