USB Portable Microphone- Philips PSE0400

USB, portable, 360째3D pickup,echo elimination and noise reduction

Philips Camera PSE0400

Sharing sounds

Deliver every sentence clearly

Not missing every sound on the sport just because every sound is valuable

Product features

  • 360째3D pickup 360°3D pickup
  • 4-array MIC 4-array MIC
  • Smart echo noise reductionSmart echo noise reduction
  • compact and convenientcompact and convenient
  • Plug-and-play Plug-and-play
  • High-fidelity core High-fidelity core

Sound following within 5m around

Multi-point MIC omnidirectional capture 4- point sensitive microphone, 360째 surround sound capture, allowing you to throw away the handheld microphone to speak freely at a long distance

  • 4-point
  • 360째
  • 3-5M

Pure audio quality

smart noise reduction for pure audio quality

The advanced audio processing algorithm of Philips performs real-time digital noise reduction for sound waves, realizing audio optimization to meet diverse pickup needs in different environments.

Philips speakerphone PSE0400
Philips microphone PSE0400

High-fidelity audio transmission

Strong Core based on real digital technology

Advanced audio core capable of processing original sound sources with high fidelity, and operating stably to synthesize clear and high-quality audio resources.


Plug-and-play for time-saving connection

Enabling quick direct connection and supporting hot swap. Barrier-free connection without the need to download the driver manually. Realizing quick recognition and application even used with a new device!

Good-looking elegant gray

Mild luxury and mellowness
Concise European-style design that shows refined and premium taste!

Surprising lightness and compactness

Lightweight and portable with a just right size, Easily placed and carried without buden.

Reliability for important occasions

Characteristic pickup rate: 48KHz/24bit
Designed specially for sound source pickup to deliver better pickup experiences.

Philips microphone PSE0500

Product Parameters

Model PSE0400
Number of microphone arrays 4 microphone arrays
Sampling rate 48KHz/16bit
Sensitivity -29dBFs
Pickup distance 3-5 meters
Horizontal reception angle Horizontal 360째
Signal-noise ratio 65.5dB
Connection USB2.0*1/mini*2
Dimension/Weight (width X height)90X21mm/120
Echo cancellation/active noise reduction support
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