Wireless Bluetooth, USB, Portable Speakerphone - Philips PSE0500

Blueooth Wireless, USB, Portable, Noise Reduction and Echo Elimination

Philips Camera PSE0500

Sound control

Deliver every sentence clearly

What has been said should be heard completely and clearly

Product features

  • Philips 360° stereo PSE0500 360° stereo sound pickup
  • 4 Sensitive microphones 4 Sensitive microphones
  • Powerful sound amplifier Powerful sound amplifier
  • Intelligent noise reduction Intelligent noise reduction
  • Echo elimination Echo elimination
  • Bluetooth wirelessBluetooth wireless
  • USB
  • Multi-port design Multi-port design
  • Highly stable core Highly stable core

360° sound direction sensation Stereo surround listening

Apply advanced microphone digital acoustic foundation, to convey the original acoustic hearing for your meeting.

  • 4 microphones - array
  • 48KHz - Sampling Rate
  • 4-6M - Pickup distance

Digital echo reduction Scientific sound selection for noise removal and reduction

Philips voice technology research, equipped with powerful audio core, Integrates intelligent processing algorithms, and realizes 98.8% noise elimination of the source material.

Philips speakerphone PSE0500
Philips speakerphone PSE0550

Strong sound release

Conference sound reception and loudspeaking strategy

High-quality micro speakers, delicate and powerful, with eardrum resistant tohigh-pitched sounds. Deliver the original sound with fidelity, and let the sound thousands of miles away ring through your ears.

Plug and play Zero drive permission

High-speed device application response, simple and convenient, No need for any drive installation to support automatic terminal identification and authentication, and save you more time.

Wireless blank space Swift speed, freedom of Internet of Things

Support Bluetooth wireless connection with easy terminal pairing and collaboration Even if the device has no alternative ports available, applications can still be effectively connected

High multi-port efficiency

Further sound pick-up distance

With a multi-port design, pickups can be flexibly matched*. Even if the conference hall has a large space, you can still obtain longer-distance pickup application through device extension.

Philips speakerphone PSE0500
Philips speakerphone PSE0500

We focus on details while looking at the big picture

No limits to application

Focus on front-end sound to make your experience more refined

Brand style

Choose not to settle

Under the concept design of simplicity, it integrates the fine toughness of modern cold technology All in one color of silvery gray,delivering higher aspirations No limits to application Strong sound release

  • U-section working 1 indicator light
  • Charger socket
  • Microphone array 3 expansion port
  • Charger socket
  • Surface shell
  • Microphone
  • Bluetooth button
  • Indicator light
  • Power button
  • Volume-
  • Volume+
  • Mute button
  • USB socket

Product Parameters

Model PSE0500
Number of microphone arrays 4 microphone arrays
Sampling rate 48KHz/24bit
Sensitivity -29dBFs
Pickup distance 6-10 meters
Horizontal radio angle Horizontal 360°
Signal-noise ratio 65.5dB
Louderspeaker parameters 10W*1
Bluetooth Supported
USB Supported
Audio input Supported
Microphone arrays output Supported
Communication method Full duplex
Echo elimination & active noise reduction Supported
Port USB2.0*1/mini*4
Size/Weight (width X height X depth􀄎 180X41.3X180mm 550g
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