Philips PSE0800 Smart Meeting Camera & Soundbar

4K Display + Integrate Functions + Voice Tracking

Philips Camera PSE0800

Philips Smart Meeting Camera

Smart Focus. Super Performance

Meeting Focus Auto Speaker Tracking Effective Communication

4K Display + Integrated Functions + Voice Tracking PSE0800

  • 6m pickup
  • 4K UHD presentation
  • Built-in voice processor
  • Auto focus
  • Smart framing
  • Voice tracking
  • 5X HD zoom
  • 120 horizontal view

All-in-One Integration

Video Conferencing Leader in the New Era

An all-in-one system integrating camera, microphone and speaker is your best choice for small and medium-sized meetings. It has a stereo speaker, super wide field of view, and strong sound pickup function.

  • 120 degree - Ultra-wide angle
  • 5X zoom-Auto focus
  • 6m - Long distance pickup
  • 2*7W High-fidelity speaker

A Perfect Solution for small and medium-size Online Meetings

Kick start your meeting by easy USB connection

PSE0800 can make virtual meetings feel like face-to-face. With a handful of simple accessories, you can start your video conference anytime. It is easy, practical and adorable.

4K UHD Presentation

Elaborate Meeting Recording

With carefully-developed chips, PSE0800 produces smooth and vivid pictures. It captures every delicate facial expression and gesture of the speaker, delivering a telling image of the figure. The remarkable clarity makes a remote meeting even more effective than an in-person one.

Philips Camera PSE0800
Philips Camera PSE0800

Excellent Sound Quality and Smooth Conversation

The built-in professional voice processors can make you sound fuller and more natural. Unwanted sounds such as rattles and current noises are eliminated as low noise technology is adopted.

PSE0800 can receive sound within a 6m radius, so even those who sit in the far corner of the room do not need to raise their voice when they give a speech. The 6 microphone arrays ensures accurate sound pickup. With PSE0800 at hand, scheduling a multi-person video meeting will become a piece a cake.

Full-Duplex and High-Quality Conversation

With a focus on ensuring two-way interaction, PSE0800 provides you high-quality video conference experience, enabling you to have a clear and smooth conversation, without being restricted by distance.

Full Coverage and Proper Framing

The AI framing function can intelligently adjust the aspect ratio according to the number of participants and the venue environment to ensure that everyone is in the picture.

This will provide you an excellent meeting experience.

Auto Tracking Camera

Voice Tracking and 5X Zoom

With the new-gen voice processing technology and the EPTZ function, PSE0800 can intelligently tracks the speaker and provide a close-up shot. This renders a more user-friendly experience.

Philips Camera PSE0800
Philips Camera PSE0800

Distortionless Wide Angle Lens

120 ultra-wide angle lens provides broad and panoramic view.

Pictures by cameras with different field of views

Professional Meeting Client Application Smart Meeting Video Conference

A Winning Combination

We provide a client application that is exclusively for Philips video conference series products. It offers rich online meeting functions and continuously- updated applications. The high-resolution and quality performance allows you to have successful online meetings and live-stream sessions.

Product Parameters

Model PSE0800
Zoom 5X Zoom/EPTZ
Video output Maximum output of 4K image
Image Sensor 1/2.8 inch, 8MP high quality CMOS image sensor
AI framing Automatic group framing and speaker tracking
Optical lens 120 degree
Video resolution 4K/30FPS
Electronic Pan & Tilt EPTZ
Digital noise reduction 2D&3D
Backlight compensation Supported
Wall mounting bracket Standard wall mounting bracket
Microphone type 6-microphone digital array
Pickup distance 6M
Loudspeaker 2*7W
Audio processing AEC & AGC & ANC & sound source localization
Remote controller Infrared remote controller
USB interface 1*USB3.0
Audio interface Reserved 1*.35mm linear input
Power interface HEC3800 power socket (DC12V)
S/N ratio >55dB
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