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AV or Digital Seminar Room Solutions

seminar room av solution

Best AV Solution for Seminar Room

A seminar room is a large meeting space where crucial meetings or events are held. Due to its size, the seminar room includes professional AV systems that should support meetings, presentations, conferences, trainings and events.

A seminar room must be equipped with wireless collaboration system which enables the users to share content, ideas and collaborate using any laptop or smart phone with ease.

Centralized management of a seminar room is enabled through touch controllers with intuitive user interface.

Professional grade displays and high resolution projectors should also be a part of AV equipment in seminar room.

AV Products or Equipment for Seminar Room

  • ClickShare CS-100
  • ClickShare CSC-1
  • Micker
  • NEETS-QueBec
  • Ricoh Projectors
ClickShare CS-1000 ClickShare CSE-2001 Micker2 NEETS-TanGo3 NEETS-AlFa4 Ricoh Projectors5