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Sharp Display

Sharp Signage and Interactive Display Sharp is one of the world renowned company that generates core technologies which are fundamental in the development of Digital Technologies like LCD Display Panels, Interactive Display Boards and Interactive Touch Screen Displays just to name a few.

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    The Signage display is electronic digital signs which use technologies like LCD, LED and projection to display content such as video, digital images and information. The Signage display can easily found in public spaces, transportation system, museums, stadiums, retail stores, hotels, restaurant, showroom, malls and corporate buildings etc.
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    sharp display

    SHARP Interactive Display

    Sharp offers various intelligent interactive touch boards where one can write with a finger or a pen, touch the screen to navigate through documents, videos, presentations or websites, draw shapes, make notes, rotate the images with finger touch and save the graphs, audio files, notes, text to print, e-mail or share them.

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