Model-ThinkerView EQ


Thinker View EQ - AI-Enabled Collaboration Camera

Open office environment remains the dominating form of workspace. Driven by new-age technologies and meeting the needs of millennial, who prefer ad hoc, collaborative and remote meetings over the traditional ones, Modern Huddle Space meetings are preceding over formal meetings.

With an aim to derive maximum productivity, businesses are widely opting for strategically small space integrated with intelligent video conferencing abilities to improve team collaboration and their productivity.

Harness the power of enterprise level video conferencing on any standard display or panel with Thinker View that enables HD Video Collaboration and brings remote teams closer. Integrated with powerful hardware and built-in AI sensors, that make sure each participant in the huddle space is seen and heard well, delivers 10x more productivity than a normal meeting room discussion.

MeetEQ Camera Systems
  • The MeetEQ AI-powered wide-angle Camera is equipped with low distortion lens and 1080p optics deliver remarkable video quality in the meeting room, marking everyone’s presence with HD video and audio. This USB powered device is highly compatible with every meeting room size, from huddle room, medium size to a big sized meeting room.
  • The MeetEQ AI powering the camera understands the environment and responds to it in real-time. It delivers intelligent viewing capabilities such as tagging the participants and auto-framing the speaker and keeping a record for actionable insights.

MeetEQ Microphone

Beamforming MEMS Microphone gives an omnidirectional response and ends the participants’ struggle to be heard by everyone.

The powerful MEMS mic array that has a pickup range of 5 meters and can be extended up to 20 meters ensures that the participants from anywhere in the meeting room are heard clearly, eliminating the necessity to come closer to the mic while talking. The MeetEQ AI-enabled microphone has Voice Activity Detection (VAD) and Direction of Arrival (DOA) feature that focuses the microphone directly on the speaker.

The MeetEQ AI powering the mic array enables Conversational UI allowing the users to speak rather spending more time entering syntax-speci c commands or clicking icons. This intelligence also di erentiates and suppresses the undesirable background noise from human speech with Full-duplex Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC).


Thinker™ View EQ Specifications

Cross Platform Support (BYOD) Only Windows® and macOS®
Camera Quality Full HD 1080p
Camera View Angle 110°
Microphone 4 Acoustic MEMS Microphones
Voice Capture Distance 5m Radius Voice Capture (extendable upto 20m depending on environment conditions)
Microphone Features VAD (Voice Activity Detection) and DOA (Direction of Arrival)
Integrated Voice DSP Features 4-mic adaptive beam-former
Full-duplex Acoustic Echo Cancellation( AEC) with barge-in support (upto 50dB att.)
De-reverberation, noise suppression (upto 15dB att.), Automatic Gain Control (AEC)
Power Requirement 5V
Connectivity I/O Micro USB, DC In
Accessories (Standard) Micro USB cable
Accessories (Optional) -Cybernetyx® FP65

Smart Video Conferencing Device

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