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"UVS Microphone Sterilizer"
UVS Sterilizer


In current scenario of heightened awareness of hygiene, we take a lot of precaution in our daily life to prevent against catching air borne infections. All of us be it adults or children , at one time or another, are using Microphones. Usually same microphone is shared amongst many people and since a microphone is placed near ones mouth, whatever precaution is taken, there is every possibility of it becoming a very viable media for transfer of saliva, germs, viruses and other bodily effusions to and from people.

Although the number of microphones and its use is steadily increasing in our daily life, the problem of cleaning these still exists. While the dust etc. is easy to remove but not the germs and “MICROPHONE HYGIENE” remains a concern. Many interim solutions like “Mouth Wash Liquids” “Alcohol based Hand Wipes” etc. have been tried but none have proved really convenient and effective. Probably this is the reason that renowned artists carry their own mikes which they do not share with anyone.

microphne UVS Sterilizer

For the first time, an innovative solution to sterilize microphones - “UVS-S01” is being launched worldwide and “Ceeco Technologies” is launching it simultaneously in India. It is a product of E-best and originates from South Korea – a country known for its technology. This microphone sterilizer is the first rechargeable & portable sterilizer designed for a microphone.

What If your microphone smells bad or stinking badly?

UVS-S01” –A Microphone Sterilizer - A better and technologically superior way to kill the bacteria is a solution which guarantees that germs are removed and the mike stays not only virus free but also odour free or bad Smell free.

 wireless microphone UVS-Sterilizer

Parts of UVS Microphone Sterilizer

part of UVS-Sterilizer

Use UVS Microphone Sterilizer

how to use UVS-Sterilizer
use microphone UVS-Sterilizer
method to use UVS-Sterilizer

Specification of UVS-S01 Microphone Sterilizer

Sterilization Wavelenght (Peak Wavelenght): UVC 254nm
Sterilization radiation intensity (Rediant Flux): 300um/cm2
Operation Time 5 mins per microphone
Battery 3.7V 420mA
Charging Time 2 Hours on 5V 300mA
Power Consumption 5W
Size 80 X 80 X 110mm
Weight 200 gm

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