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"UVS Microphone Sterilizer"
UVS Sterilizer

UVS Microphone Sterilizer

microphne UVS Sterilizer

CEECO is a National Distributor of UVS Microphone Sterilizer in India, manufactured by E-Best Technologies Korea. It is the first rechargeable and portable sterilizer designed for a microphone. The UV sterilization and ION deodorization function in it ensures that microphone stays virus free. While using same microphone by multiple people, there is always a possibility of germs entering it from someone’s mouth as normally mikes are kept quite close to mouth.

This sterilizer guarantees that such germs are removed and the mike stays not only virus free but also without any foul odor. It is truly portable as it weighs a mere 200 gms. and is 80x80x110 mm in size. The whole process of sterilization takes just five minutes. It is operated by a rechargeable 3.7V420mA battery. A must for every microphone.

 wireless microphone UVS-Sterilizer

Parts of UVS Microphone Sterilizer

part of UVS-Sterilizer

Use UVS Microphone Sterilizer

how to use UVS-Sterilizer
use microphone UVS-Sterilizer
method to use UVS-Sterilizer

Specification of UVS-S01 Microphone Sterilizer

Sterilization Wavelenght (Peak Wavelenght): UVC 254nm
Sterilization radiation intensity (Rediant Flux): 300um/cm2
Operation Time 5 mins per microphone
Battery 3.7V 420mA
Charging Time 2 Hours on 5V 300mA
Power Consumption 5W
Size 80 X 80 X 110mm
Weight 200 gm

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