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Cybernetyx – Most Innovative Platform Agnostic VC Solution

Communication through platform agnostic Video Conferencing will replace face to face meetings both in offices and homes. Organizations across segments are looking at robust and cost effective solutions to make their teams productive while working from their homes. A device that can provide seamless collaboration during work hours and can equally easily provide relaxed remote communication with family and friends for stretched team members can be the dream solution for these organizations. Cybernetyx, a German headquartered company with direct sales and service operations in India offers two extremely useful products in this category:

  • thinkerconnect
  • thinkerconnect
  • thinkerview
  • thinkerview
  • video conference

Cybernetyx- A Perfect Video Conferencing Solution


Thinker Connect : A never before 2 in 1 Video Conferencing + Touch Interactive device

Convert any TV into a touch device. Use a stylus to draw sketches, write on a blank canvas or annotate on existing presentations, drawings and other documents while communicating on any platform agnostic VC App like Microdoft Team, Google Meet, Slack, Zoom etc.

Thinker View : AI enabled platform agnostic Video Conferencing device

For organizations that can manage without touch interactivity features of Thinker Connect and are looking for VC communication only. Collaborate better with remote teams, manage your work efficiently & increase the productivity whether it is working from “Home” or “Huddle Rooms”.


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