Wireless Conferencing System

Wireless Conference System-ClickShare

ClickShare Conference brings wireless conferencing, a revolutionary workplace experience. It combines powerful remote communication with easy-to-use wireless collaboration, in any meeting space.

Start a meeting from your device, use your preferred conference tool. Automatically, you connect wirelessly to room cameras, speakerphones, sound bars for a more immersive meeting. In less than 7 seconds, you conference, collaborate and click with our secure, connected and cloud managed solution.

ClickShare Models

Comparison of Wireless Conferencing Models

Models CX-20 CX-30 CX-50
Full BYOD support
Supports Collaboration App, Airplay, Google Cast, Miracast
Yes Yes Yes
Local view of room display
Get a copy of the meeting room screen on your device
Yes Yes, with moderation Yes
5 years service coverage, XMS insights and enhanced support
Yes Yes Yes
Sources simultaneously on screen 1 2 2
Touch screen support and interactivity
Touch back & control your PC, collaborate with annotation & blackboarding
No Yes Yes
Video input - - HDMI
Wireless Conferencing
Room Dock: Connect wirelessly the room camera, speaker and mic
Yes Yes High quality

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