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Wireless or Wirefree Microphone

All in one wire free Microphone Amplifier+Mike+Speaker

Micker is an innovative all in one & portable Microphone + Amplifier + Speaker from South Korea that allows presenters / teachers to address small groups of people with ease. Its light weight, ergonomic and CE approved design makes it completely safe to use for teachers and students in schools, colleges and classrooms.

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All in one Wireless Microphone

Ever wondered that you could carry a mike, a speaker and also the amplifier in one hand. Yes- with New concept all in one portable Microphone "Micker" it is possible.
"Micker" is a mike with in-built speaker and amplifier. Most conveniently portable weighing just 250 gms. It is all in one portable sound system that operates with a battery and absolutely wire free and matched with best quality microphone. A perfect for small gatherings indoor or outdoor, be it a classroom, small lecture room, yoga class, a small musical gathering or a room in a kindergarten.
Also very useful for a tour guide who is trying to explain the places around to the tourists. And why shout when you can just whisper and convey your message to the audience. Read more

Micker pro is a wireless microphone with dual speakers and amplifier, which can be used in classrooms, events and many more places where people are gathered in large numbers.

Micker pro helps in addressing a large gathering informing them about some event or anything important. It comes without a physical cord, which means that you do not have to worry about carrying it with a wire.

You simply have to charge the microphone and it will be ready to use. You can carry this microphone anywhere with you (churches, events, classrooms and many more places). Micker pro also gives you a very good sound by amplifying your voice so that people can hear you clearly. Read more

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